So Now What?


Now where are we now? After years of trying and not even getting my body to ovulate once, it finally happened. We started the highest dose (750mg) of Femara they would give me before moving me on to injectables. Which I really didn’t want to do. So I took the Femara and went in a few days later for an ultrasound to see if anything happened.

It was actually Valentine’s Day when I went in but I was feeling incredibly negative that day. I had been there a dozen times and every appointment ended with a “I’m so sorry this didn’t work, but we can try (blank)…”. Imagine my surprise when my Doctor did my ultrasound and said that I had one egg folicle that was 23mm. One. The rest still looked too small and hadn’t grown enough, but we had one. They were happy with my husband’s sperm tests (he’s very proud) so she gave me the option of doing timed intercourse instead of an IUI. I told her we would try that and if it didn’t work we would do an IUI next month since we now knew the medication worked. They sent me home with a trigger shot and she told me to have a ‘nice Valentine’s Day’ and to have sex for the next three days.

I couldn’t believe it had actually worked and that there was even a chance for us after years of no luck. I honestly believe the biggest reason that we got anywhere was because I started acupuncture two months ago. Which I will get into another time. But I really do think that contributed to me responding to the medication and seeing progress.

After a long two week wait, I was supposed to go in on Wednesday, March 1st to get a blood HCG test to see if it had worked. Leading up to that day I started feeling…off. I couldn’t explain it but something felt different. Monday I walked around Target and almost bought my husband a gift to surprise him because I felt so strongly that I was pregnant. I even decided to take one of our home pregnancy tests that night to prove it to myself.

Now, this was against everything we had agreed to. We had decided to wait and we definitely had decided that we wouldn’t be taking tests in secret. I just couldn’t help myself. I should have known not to take it at night either, everyone knows these tests work best first thing in the morning. So I took it, and it was negative. I stuffed it back in the wrapper and put it back in the box because I didn’t want my husband to find it and know I had done it. Hours later, I went back to the box and checked again and this time I saw a very faint line. I read all about false positives and how you can’t really trust a reading after the 10 minute (or whatever) period so I kept this to myself.

Wednesday came and I took the test at lunch. Usually I get test results within an hour or so but by dinner I still hadn’t heard anything. But I had managed to burn dinner because I forgot to turn the burner down on the rice and I was having a hard time focusing. That night I left to go coach an improv team downtown. As I got out of my car and walked to the house I got the message that my results were in.

My HCG level was 47. 47! 47. I couldn’t believe it. And I had to go in and coach for two hours and try and be helpful (sorry to this team, they are great and I was probably off my game). I got out and had to talk to someone about it. I didn’t want to tell my husband on the phone but I had a 40 minute drive ahead of me. I called my best friend since birth and told her. She has been so helpful through my whole journey and I knew she’d calm me down and be excited for me at the same time.

I went home and told my husband and we stayed up talking about how crazy that my first little egg that ovulated worked. It really just takes one!