HCG Levels and Google

I’ve now had four HCG tests and each one has left me trying to figure out if I’m “normal” or not.

My first HCG test was 47, which was just shy of the 50-100 normal range I found on a website. But it was so close, and not <1 which every HCG test I had ever taken prior had been, so I was feeling positive (literally)! The nurse at my fertility department wasn’t so happy with it. She ordered another test two days later.

My second HCG test was 79 and they had wanted it to double. But from all of my Googling I had been doing I had read that sometimes levels don’t double every two days, but every three days. And My levels reflected a 66% increase so I was happy. Again, the nurse was not and ordered yet another test two days after that.

My third HCG test was 148, so a 90% increase in two days, that seemed great! They were still not totally on board but said I could wait 7-8 days and test again.

My fourth HCG test came back as…over 5000! I couldn’t believe it. It is┬ástarting to really pick up now and I am starting to relax a bit about it all, especially being in the normal range. I go in for my first ultrasound in a week and I think that will make me feel a lot better too.

In the mean time I’m Googling what everything means, and if I’m normal, and if I’m increasing too fast, and most importantly is it so high that I might have multiple babies. That last one terrifies me so much and I’ve been trying to focus on anything but that thought. I already know I’ll be having a high risk pregnancy because of my weight and fertility issues, the last thing I need is to add ANOTHER baby inside my body! According to most searches I can find, people were at higher levels around 14DPO than I am at almost 6 weeks. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to find out and check!